At Midwest Legal Translation Inc. we may specialize in legal translations, but we can translate almost any document into or from over 100+ language pairs. Click on an industry below to see examples of the types of documents we can translate.

Legal Translations

Critical documents such as legal contracts require the utmost attention and expertise to ensure an accurate legal translation. Here at Midwest Legal Translation Inc, we have become one of the top specialists in the marketplace for English/Spanish legal documents as well as in other languages such as Portuguese, French, German, Dutch and Italian among many others. We have translators that specialize in legal translations for all of our 100+ languages.

International Business Translations

Our business translation service incorporates a multi-disciplined approach involving translation experts in the fields of marketing, finance, accounting, human resources and law. Midwest Legal Translation Inc. has worked with the top multinational companies worldwide and has helped them penetrate new countries and markets.

Marketing Translations

At Midwest Legal Translation Inc., we have helped hundreds of clients with their marketing translation needs. Whether you need to translate a brochure, print ads or more elaborate multimedia presentations, Midwest Legal Translation Inc. has experienced professionals to deal with the full range of marketing translation services. For example, our marketing translation experts have helped with several simultaneous multi-country product launches all around the world. While all marketing information was initially translated into Spanish, it was necessary to modify the text and message to address the population of each specific language and country.

Technical/Engineering Translations

We know that the technical and engineering industries have rapidly expanded into a worldwide market where technology developed in one country is quickly implemented into countries all over the world. With this worldwide implementation comes the need for training manuals, user interfaces, and directions to be translated into many different languages. Let us help with your global expansion by providing accurate, professional and affordable translations for every aspect of your products.

Education Translations

Midwest Legal Translation Inc. provides many different translation services within the education industry. We know that ESL classes (English as a Second Language) are crucial for integrating students from foreign countries into the American school systems and we are happy to provide translations for the materials that you are using to teach them English into their native tongue. Midwest Legal Translation Inc. can also provide translations of your diplomas and other educational documents in the case of a move or job transfer.

Medical & Healthcare Translations

Whether you are looking to increase your participant range by recruiting in countries around the world or explain healthcare plans to people in their native language, we can help. We have specialized translators that will make sure that your documents are correctly translated using the appropriate medical jargon. We can also help with sign translations and document translations for hospitals and medical care facilities.

Pharmacy & Chemicals

We offer translations for all of the packaging for your newly approved FDA drugs and the directions for use. We can also provide translations for your new clinical trial materials or chemical warnings.

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